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LifeGlobe Support Center

Find all the answers. Everyone has questions and our technical support team keeps up to date with all the latest questions, and you can find their answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.
Have you ever wondered what someone is talking about? Here is a list of terms and definitions.
Have you lost your Keycode? Well it happens to everyone at some point in time. Click here to retrieve your keycode.
Would you like to send us email? This is the most efficient way to contact our technical support team. Whether you need answers to the most complex Windows drivers issues, need help migrating to your new Mac, or you just want to send us your own personal review then this is the place for you.
LifeGlobe.com and SereneScreen.com have a large and loyal fan base. Our products are so good, we are repeatedly given stories and photographs of people and animals actually being 'fooled' by our products. This is an amazing compliment, and we love to hear these stories. Why not send us your stories, reviews, or photographs and maybe we will post them on our web site for others to enjoy as well.